Elevate Your Speaking Career with A Custom Speaker One Sheet

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Discover the Power of a Perfectly Crafted Speaker One Sheet

With over a decade of experience in supporting public speakers, Molly Rose understands the nuances that transform a good speaker one sheet into an exceptional one. My expertise lies in creating a bespoke one-sheet that not only encapsulates your essence as a speaker but also elevates your professional presence in the speaking world.

Tailored to Your Unique Style

Our process begins with a comprehensive intake to identify the key elements that define you and your speaking style. We delve deep into understanding your unique brand, ensuring that every aspect of your one sheet reflects your personal ethos and professional standards.


Our service includes the creation of a 2-4 page speaker one sheet, meticulously designed to showcase your strengths and appeal to your target audience. Here's what is included on your onesheet: 

  • Short Bio: A concise, impactful biography that highlights your journey and expertise.
  • Session Descriptions (3-4): Engaging outlines of your key speaking topics, complete with clear objectives.
  • Testimonials: Powerful endorsements from previous engagements to establish trust and credibility.
  • Brand Integration: Customization to incorporate your brand's colors and style.
  • Headshots: Professional placement of your headshots to connect with your audience visually.
  • Booking Information: Clear, accessible information for potential clients to book you for speaking engagements.
  • Social Links: Direct links to your active social media profiles for enhanced engagement.
  • Credibility Hits: Showcase of your achievements, media appearances, and other credibility boosters.

*All content is to be provided by the speaker


These one sheets are NOT templates! Our dedicated team meticulously tailors your unique content and brand identity to craft a bespoke one sheet. This custom approach ensures that the design and tone perfectly align with your speaking business.

Why You Need This

In a competitive speaking landscape, a well-crafted speaker one sheet is not just an asset, it's a necessity. It's your first impression, your pitch, and your brand, all rolled into one powerful document. If you're serious about getting paid speaking engagements, this is your indispensable tool.

A Decade of Elevating Speakers to Global Stages

  • Transformative Speaker Support with Proven Results With over ten years dedicated to elevating public speakers, my expertise has been instrumental in featuring speakers on prestigious platforms like TEDx, CNBC, and Fox News. This track record of success isn't just about getting you on stage; it's about setting a stage where your voice leads, influences, and resonates.
  • Global Reach, Local Touch My client portfolio is as diverse as it is global, spanning continents and cultures. This international reach means I understand the nuances of various markets and audiences. Whether you're addressing a local community event or an international conference, my support is tailored to ensure your message has a universal appeal yet retains its unique local relevance.
  • Empowering You to Shine As your strategic partner in public speaking, I am committed to more than just logistics and planning. My role is to empower you – to refine your message, to enhance your presence, and to ensure that when you step onto any stage, you do so with confidence and a message that leaves a lasting impact.
Let's Do This!

Ready to Amplify Your Speaking Career?

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Speaker One Sheet


  • Step-by-Step Content Creation:

    • A comprehensive intake of all the key elements that make a one sheet. 
  • Expert Content Review & Enhancement:

    • Review of your provided content.
    • Constructive feedback and suggestions to refine and optimize impact.
  • Comprehensive One Sheet Development:

    • Creation of a 2-4 page speaker one sheet. Inclusions:
      • A concise and engaging short bio.
      • 3-4 detailed session topics with clear objectives.
      • Persuasive testimonials to establish credibility.
      • Direct social media links for enhanced engagement.
      • Highlights of credibility marks (media appearances, awards, etc.).
      • Clear and accessible booking information.
  • Brand-Centric Customization:

    • Tailoring the design to align with your brand elements and color scheme.
    • Ensuring a cohesive visual representation that resonates with your identity.

*All content and brand assets are to be provided by the client. 

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