What qualities make an ideal Virtual Assistant

Uncategorized Aug 29, 2022

Having an assistant is one thing, having a GREAT assistant can change the trajectory of a business?

But, what does that mean — what does it take to be a great virtual assistant? After working as a Virtual Assistant (VA) for over seven years and building a program to train and place Virtual Assistants I have identified the three main attributes that make an outstanding Virtual Assistant. When on the hunt for new talent business owners should look for the three following traits in candidates to ensure themselves a long-term and successful relationship. Aspiring VAs should heed the advice and understand what it takes to separate themselves from the rest of the pool.

Ability to “Figure It Out”

As Marie Forleo always says, “Everything is Figureoutable.” This is the backbone of being a Virtual Assistant or an assistant in any capacity for that matter. The assistants that are excel are the ones that attack any problem, big or small, with confidence....

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