Hi, I'm Molly Rose

I help entrepreneurs use technology to save time, automate tasks, and easily scale their businesses.

Embracing the world of online entrepreneurship didn't just alter my career path; it revolutionized my entire life.

My journey from a finance-focused professional to an innovative leader in the online business world has been nothing short of a thrilling adventure.

Today, with 13 years of diverse experience under my belt, I've become the go-to architect for entrepreneurs seeking to construct their digital dreams. My expertise has empowered countless business owners, from course creators to bestselling authors to international speakers, and led to the flourishing of my Virtual Assistant Academy and company Virtual Assistant Management. 

From Corporate Confines to Online Business Champion

Like many stories of transformation, mine began in the corporate world – a place where "yes" was more common than "why not?" But that all changed when I discovered the power and freedom of online entrepreneurship.

Now, with over a decade of experience, I've turned my focus to helping you - the entrepreneur, the dreamer, the doer. From course creation to comprehensive online tech solutions, from marketing strategies to efficient operations – I've mastered the art of wearing multiple hats so that you don't have to.


And now it's your turn!

What you get when you work with me...

 More Than Just Solutions - A Path to Your Success

What I offer isn't just a service; it's a partnership. I dive deep into the intricacies of your business, understanding your needs, and providing tailored solutions. I’m here to help you navigate the online world with simplicity and efficiency. With my expertise in technology and systems, I ensure that your online presence is impactful, and your operations are smooth.

Your Investment, My Commitment

I believe in doing things right the first time. With my guidance, you're not just saving time; you're saving potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. My approach is about asking the right questions and setting you up for success from the get-go.

Empowering Others - The Virtual Assistant Academy

My passion extends beyond just running businesses; it's about empowering others to build their careers. Through The Virtual Assistant Academy, I've certified over 150 virtual assistants, helping them build careers that offer freedom, flexibility, and financial success. This venture is more than a job; it's about creating a lifestyle that fits you.

So where to from here?

Here's how I can help you uplevel your business

Learn with me

Virtual Assistant Training & Certification

Professional virtual assistant training and certification is available through The Virtual Assistant Academy.
New and existing assistants will learn the business acumen and tech skills necessary to excel and support the online business landscape today.

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Hire A VA

Virtual Assistant Placement

The stress of finding and hiring highly skilled Professional Virtual Executive Assistants and Online Operations Managers is on us.  We pair up entrepreneurs and small business owners with the perfect fit and handle the entire hiring and vetting process. Learn more by booking a free discovery call.


Let's Execute

Kajabi & Online Systems Implementation

After working with Molly Rose, you’ll have the exact systems, automations and workflows you need to run your online business.  Utilizing Kajabi, Molly Rose will implement your online business needs so you can easily operate your business. Time to step into your zone of genius.